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1993 Volvo 960960 Owner's ManualVolvo9601993This manual deals with the operation and care of your Volvo.Welcome to the world-wide family of Volvo owners. We trust you will enjoy many years of safe drivingin your Volvo, an automobile designed with your safety and comfort in mind. To ensure yoursatisfaction with this vehicle, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the equipment descriptions,operating instructions and maintenance requirements/recommendations in this manual. We also urge youa

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1993 Volvo 960The manual is structured so that it can be used for reference. It should thus be kept in the car for readyaccess.Do not export your Volvo to another country before investigating that country's applicable safety andexhaust emission requirements. In some cases it may be difficult or impossible to comply with theserequirements. Modifications to the emission control system(s) may render your Volvo not certifiable forlegal operation in the U.S., Canada and other countries.Notice:Your Vo

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1993 Volvo 960Instruments and controlsInstruments, switches and controlspg. 1:1 Instruments, switches and controlsIMPORTANT!Your car is equipped with a Shiftlock-Keylock system.SHIFTLOCK:When your car is parked, the gear selector is locked in the (P)ark position. To release the selector from this position, turn the ignitionkey to position II (or start the engine), depress the brake brake pedal, press the button on the front side of the gear selector and movethe selector from (P)ark.If it is nece

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1993 Volvo 9601:82 Instrument panel illumination1:83 Front/rear fog lamps1:84 Radio antenna5 Space for additional equipment1:1-1:15 6 Instruments2:67 Space for additional equipment1:99 Hazard warning flashers1:910 Heated rear window/side door mirrors1:1111 Air vents8 Electrically operated sun roof1:11-1:13 12 Heating and ventilation1:17-1:34 13 Audio System1:1614 Parking brake1:1415 Electrically-heated front seats1:1116 Air vent1:1517 Controls for electrically operated windows2:5and side door mi

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1993 Volvo 9601 Ambient temperature sensor (dealer-installed option)Indicates the temperature slightly above the surface of the road. A red warning lamp lights up when the temperature is in the range of23-36° F (-5 - +2° C). At low speeds or when the car is not moving, the temperature readings may be slightly higher than the actualambient temperature due to heat generated by the engine.2 Fuel gaugeThe fuel tank capacity is approx. 21.1 US gals (80 liters) for sedans and 19.8 US gals (75 liters

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1993 Volvo 9601 Turn signal, left2 Turn signal, right3 Malfunction indicator lamp4 Direction indicator, trailer5 Service reminder indicator6 Low washer fluid level.If the lamp glows continuously when the engine is running, there is only about 1/2 - 1 US qts. remaining in the washer fluid reservoir.7 Rear fog lamp8 Bulb failure9 Generator not charging10 Low engine oil pressure11 High beams12 Brake failure13 Parking brake applied14 ABS-system15 Low coolant level16 (Not in use)17 "Winter" mode enga

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1993 Volvo 960NOTE: This warning light is illuminated if the generator is not charging. However, parking brake, brake failure and bulb failurewarning lights will be illuminated at the same time due to the design of the system.Malfunction indicator lampIf this lamp comes on (or stays on after the vehicle has started), the engine diagnostic system has detected a possible fault in theemission controls. Although driveability may not be affected, see an authorized Volvo dealer as soon as possible for

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1993 Volvo 960Canadian models are equipped with this warning light:Mode "W" engagedThe lamp will light up when the Winter starting mode is engaged. If the warning lamp begins to flash, this means that there is a fault inthe automatic gearbox. Contact your Volvo dealer.Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)If the light comes on (or stays on after the vehicle has started), the SRS diagnostic system has detected a fault. Drive to an authorizedVolvo dealer for an inspection of the system. See the SRS s

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1993 Volvo 960Contents | Top of Pagefile:///K|/ownersdocs/1993/1993_960/93960_1_1.html (7 of 7)12/30/2006 9:46:47 AM

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1993 Volvo 960pg. 1:11 Heating, ventilation and air conditioningECC - Electronic Climate ControlThis is an automatic system that also permits manual operation. The in-car temperature is automaticallymonitored by two sensors located in the passenger compartment.One sensor is located on the top of the dashboard where it can sense sunlight. The second sensor islocated on the courtesy light fixture where it can sense the temperature in the center of the car. Thefollowing pages describe how ECC works

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1993 Volvo 960B ClosedC Directing air flow horizontallyD Directing air flow verticallypg. 1:12 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (cont.)ECC - Electronic Climate Control panelBlower0=off5 = max speedaut = blower speedautomatically regulatedFunction selectorTemperature dialSet desired function Set desiredaut = normal setting temperatureAir in the passenger compartmentrecirculates with this button depressed.Will not function in defrost setting. Lightis on when function is engaged*The air co

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1993 Volvo 960aut aut = air distribution automatically regulatedAir through panel ventsDefrost. Air to windshield and side windows.Air to floor, windshield and side windows.Air through floor vents.Bi-level. Air through floor and panel vents. Air supplied from panel vents is slightly colder thanair released at foot 1:13 Heating, ventilation and air conditioningAutomatic settingThe ECC system will automatically maintain a comfortable in-car temperature regardless of the outdoortemperatur

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1993 Volvo 960Set the function dial to.The air conditioning light will NOT go on. When the windows have cleared, set the blower control toposition 2.NOTE: The air conditioning compressor only engages at temperatures above 45° F (7°C).Always keep the air intake grille at the base of the windshield free of snow.The air conditioning system in your car contains a CFC-free refrigerant - R134a. This is anenvironmentally friendly substance having minimal effect on the earth's ozone layer.The system c

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1993 Volvo 960If the light continues to flash more than 20 seconds, a more serious fault is indicated. While the systemwill again attempt to substitute a standard value, some reduction in system performance will becomeapparent. Contact your authorized Volvo dealer for 1:14 Heated front seatsHeated front seatsThe heated front seats can be switched on and off as required. When switched on, the system senses theambient temperature and regulates the level of heat applied. When the optimu

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1993 Volvo 960Electrically-operated windowsThe electrically operated windows are controlled by switches from the driver's armrest as shown in theabove illustration.The starting (ignition) switch must be ON (position II) for the electrically operated windows to function.The window is lowered if the rear part of the switch is pressed and raised if the front part of the switch ispressed.WARNING! Remove the starting (ignition) key when children are left unattended in thevehicle.Make sure that childr

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1993 Volvo 960Cut-out switch for rear-door windowsIf the car is equipped with rear door power windows, this function can be disabled by a switch locatedon the driver's door armrest.This switch is positioned 90° in relation to the other switches.The rear door windows can be raised or lowered with the respective door switch as well as theswitch on the driver's door.The rear door windows cannot be raised or lowered with the respective door switch but instead onlywith the corresponding switch on th

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1993 Volvo 960Parking brake (hand brake)The lever is situated between the front seats. The brake is applied to the rear wheels.WARNING!Always use the parking brake (hand brake) when parking. On hills, also turn the front wheels towardthe curb.In order to obtain the best possible performance of the parking brake, the brake linings should be brokenin (See section titled "Break-in period").file:///K|/ownersdocs/1993/1993_960/93960_1_11.html (8 of 10)12/30/2006 9:46:49 AM

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1993 Volvo 960Cigarette lighterTo operate, depress the knob fully. When the knob automatically releases, the cigarette lighter is readyfor use.The starting (ignition) switch must be switched on (to position I or II) for the cigarette lighter tofunction.Ash traysTo remove the ash trays depress the center spring and remove.file:///K|/ownersdocs/1993/1993_960/93960_1_11.html (9 of 10)12/30/2006 9:46:49 AM

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1993 Volvo 960Contents | Top of Pagefile:///K|/ownersdocs/1993/1993_960/93960_1_11.html (10 of 10)12/30/2006 9:46:49 AM

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1993 Volvo 960pg. 1:17 Audio systemThe following pages describe the use of your SC-810 Cassette Radio and CD remote control1. - On/off (turn)- Volume (turn)- Pause/Mute (push)2. CD mode selector3. Bass control4. Treble control5. Fader control6. Waveband selectors (FM)7. Waveband selectors (AM)8. Preset buttonsCD-Disc No. selector9. Autostore memory (FM)10. Autostore memory (AM)11. - Manual tuning- Seek tuning (push)12. Tape direction selector REVfile:///K|/ownersdocs/1993/1993_960/93960_1_17.htm