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Expand Your Factory RadioOwner’sManualTOYOTA / LEXUS /SCIONOwner’s ManualMedia GatewayiSimpleConnectPXAMGiSimple®A Divisionof®,AAMP of America™iSimple1319056th CourtClearwater,FL 33760a divisionof AAMPof America™Ph. 866-788-423713160 56th Court Clearwater, Florida 33760support@isimplesolutions.comPh. 866-788-4237©2012AAMP of Florida,©2007 AAMP of Florida, Inc.11-2-12

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Table of Contents, iPhone or iPad Operation 3-4USB Operation 4-5Selecting AUX Input 5Selecting Factory Satellite 5(if equipped)Bluetooth Operation Updating the Interface Troubleshooting Warranty Info 6789

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1. iPod, iPhone or iPad OperationThe iSimple Connect allows you to use either USB input or Bluetooth for iPod, iPhoneor iPad operation (Bluetooth mode is only supported by iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad)Entering Mode Select MenuPress the AM-SAT or SAT button to enter satellite radio mode. Immediately turnthe rotary TUNE KNOB or press the TUNE UP button to scroll through availablesources. Once “IPODUSB” or “IPODBT” is displayed, press PRESET 6 to selectthe displayed mode.Next TrackTurn the r

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Browse Function Example: Browsing by ArtistPress PRESET 3 to enter the browse menu.”PL:LIST” will appear on your display.Turn the rotary TUNE KNOB or press TUNE UP until “AR:ARTIST” is displayed.Press PRESET 3 to select browse by Artist.The list of Artists on your Pod will be displayed one at a time in alphabeticalorder. “AR” will be displayed in front of the artist’s name to indicate that you aresearching for an artist.Turn the rotary TUNE KNOB or press TUNE UP to cycle through th

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RewindPress PRESET 1 to rewind the song that is playing. Press PRESET 1 again toresume play.Entering Browse Menu / SelectPress PRESET 3 to enter the browse menu or to make a selection while in thebrowse menu.Menu UPPress PRESET 4 to move back one step in the browse menu.Exit Browse menuAfter 10 seconds on inactivity, the browse menu will exit automatically.Browse Function Example: Browsing by FolderPress PRESET 3 to enter the browse menu.”FOLDER” will appear on your display.Press PRESET 3 to

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5.Bluetooth OperationIMPORTANT NOTE: The radio MUST be in factory satellite (2010+ vehicles only)or a Connect source (USB, iPod, AUX etc) in order for the Bluetooth handsfreeto function. If you switch to AM, FM or CD mode the Bluetooth will automaticallydisconnect from your phone and you must use the handset.Pair Your PhoneTo use your phone with the Connect you must first pair it. Enter your phone’sBluetooth menu and search for a new device. It should discover the devicenamed “iSimple Connec

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9. Menu - Allows you to adjust settings such as phone volume, streamingaudio volume (A2DP), microphone volume, search for other Bluetoothdevices, pair/ remove devices & reset the interface. See below for menufunctions and operation.IMPORTANT NOTEIn order to access the Voicedial, Call History, Call Last Number & Menufunctions, the factory radio MUST be in Bluetooth mode.Menu FunctionsAccessing the Bluetooth MenuWhile in Bluetooth mode press PRESET 3 to enter the menu. Once in the menuyou can use

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7. T roubleshootingSymptomCauseRemedyRadio shows “DEVINIT”Connect device isinitializingThis only occurs the first time theConnect is powered on or after it hasbeen reset. It may take up to oneminute for the device to initialize. Oncethis process is over you can beginConnect operation.Radio shows iPodnot connectediPod cable is notconnected to iPod orConnect; the iPhoneis not paired viaBluetoothVerify the USB docking cable isplugged into the Connect and theiPod. If you are using Bluetooth mod

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8. WarrantyOne Year Limited WarrantyThe quality controls used in the manufacture of this product will ensure yoursatisfaction. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of this product froman authorized iSimple dealer. This warranty covers any supplied or manufacturedparts of this product that, upon inspection by iSimple authorized personnel, is foundto have failed in normal use due to defects in material or workmanship. This warrantydoes not apply to installation expenses. Attempting

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